Meeting with Moss Park Ladies
Neil Bland
15th Jul 2004
Meeting notes are now shown on the forums page. Please post any comments, or ask any questions as soon as possible.
Ashy’s New email Address
Paul Ashurst
13th Jul 2004
Orite dudes.

Due to a new starter at our work I have lost my previous email address.

My new address is

I have not received any emails for some time so if I have not replied to some emails it is because I have not received them. Could you please resend them to the above address.


James Higgin
5th Jul 2004
All of this seasons fixtures have now been added.
Pre Season Friendlies
Chris Johnson
23rd Jun 2004
Many thanks to Andy Ford for organising some quality local pre season friendlies. Keep the 4th September free as all three teams play against Sale Hockey Club. On the 11th we play local rivals Cheetham Hill and Heywood. The first team plays Merseyside’s Mossley Hill on the 18th in the Lancs Trophy but we hope to also have another friendly that day. Check out the fixtures page for details
Photos Required
James Higgin
16th Mar 2004
I need as many photos as possible from this season so that I can make a similar poster to last year. If you have any photos from any matches from this season can you pleaseemail them to me.


Neil’s Jokes
Neil Bland
10th Oct 2003
Many of the members that remember the old Indians Website will fondly recall Neil’s Joke Page. James has been ordered to reinstate this national treasure, but is putting up fierce resistance. I think a vote is in order. Here’s a taster just to get the juices flowing

A bloke is driving happily along in his car with his girlfriend when he’s pulled over by the Police. The police officer approaches him and asks:

“Have you been drinking Sir?”, “Why?” asks the man, “Was I driving badly?”

“No”, replies the Officer, “You were driving splendidly. It was the ugly fat bird in the passenger seat that made me suspicious”

James Higgin
18th Sep 2003
We are pleased to announce a further season of being sponsored by Williams Landrover. Many thanks to the crew over at Williams as this will help the club immensely.
1000 visitor
Chris Johnson
10th Sep 2003
The site has had its 1000 visitor and it was me!

I must get a life.

(Yup we agree! – Anonymous)